Saier / Sayer Dates

Sayer or Esta’maran is the most abundant date species which accounts for 65% of Iranian dates. Around 40% of Iranian dates for export is Sayer dates and it is one of the most important export figures. The shape is slightly elongated, oval and typically dark brown colored and its cross section is yellow. An average weight of fruit is 8.3 grams and kernel weight is 0.9 grams. Sayer Date is the principal kind of date fruit in Khuzestan province (70-80% of palms in Khuzestan province are Sayer dates). Sayer dates is known internationally in many countries particularly in Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The most important specification of Sayer is being semi-dry (With 16% moisture) which make It capable of storage for a longer period of time than other kind of dates. It should be noted that the dates in Khuzestan province including Sayer Date is organic without pesticides or chemicals usage.

Sayer has a high amount of nutrients and cellulose, so at the point of sugar and nutrition value it is unique and has great syrup. The best-chopped dates are made from Sayer dates and they can be used in cooking or served with tea and other drinks. Mostly Sayer Dates are harvested in the middle of September.