About us

Since 1991, Sahravi has started its activity to fulfill global dates demands by creating link between Iranian reach traditional Dates farming and the latest food industry aspects, during years of valuable experiences we understand that the quality and safety of our products alongside continuous improvement of the performance of the activities have become the only way to develop our business in a right manner. And all these achievements basis was implemented by our respected CEO Mr. Mohammad Massoud who we lost in tragic car accident in 1997, God bless him and his path still goes on

Our vision

  • Become the biggest supplier of dates and dates products in the region
  • Help other related local start-up to grow in every aspects and use our marketing potential to settle them in global markets
  • develop high quality value added first choice dates snacks for global market according to recent trends.
  • meet the highest food safety standards in all production lines
  • stablish trustful and consistent connection between company and food services or food productions company all around the world
  • create strong bond between Sahravi brand and Iranian Dates to achieve highest brand equity
  • Create powerful encyclopedia for Iranian Dates

Our Mission

  • Ensure that we take care of all demands from our clients during all processes from product inquiry to after sales support
  • Take care of our food safety and quality system reliability and make sure that all our processes are traceable
  • Gathering feedback on our products and try to take care of any negative issue and consolidate the positives
  • Stablishing strong connection between company and our clients through credible food exhibitions and Internet social networking